Graduate Commemoration

The Friends of The Academy Library has made a commitment to being a premiere Academy organization in recording and preserving the heritage of the Air Force Academy. The project’s continuing goal is to assemble all the available material dealing with the adult lives of these Air Force Academy graduates and any future graduates who have distinguished themselves in a manner which could be used as role models for future Academy graduates and other members of the Air Force.  To date, four databases have been established for that purpose.

War Memorial Wall

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The Memorial Wall contains names of all graduates killed as a result of hostile action during a state of military conflict. The commemorated graduates range from the class of 1959 through the class of 2009. The first USAFA graduate combat death occurring on October 24, 1964, (Valmore W. Bourque, ’60) and the most recent combat death occurring on December 27, 2013, near Kabul, Afghanistan (Capt. David (Lissy) Lyon, ’08).

Prisoners of War


Previous to the formulation of this database there was no location which contained records of those graduates who were forced to perform at the highest level of the qualities instilled at the Academy.  Currently a total of 37 graduates have been held as POWs, 33 in Vietnam and 4 in Desert Storm.

Jabara Award

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Each year the Air Force Academy and the Association of Graduates present the Colonel James Jabara Award to an Academy graduate or graduates whose airmanship contributions are of great significance and set them apart from their contemporaries. The database for this award has recently been completed and is now in caretaker status.

Graduate Awards


It is a unique honor bestowed by the U.S. Air Force Academy and its Association of Graduates, recognizing exceptional graduates who have set themselves apart by making extraordinarily significant contributions to our nation and/or their communities.  These awards included the Distinguished Graduate Award, the Distinguished Service Award, and the 50th Class Reunion Award.

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