Supplementing Library Staff

The Friends supplement McDermott Library staff by sponsoring public exhibits, galas, and reunions to inform cadets, the Academy community, aviation scholars, and the public about resources and activities of the library. Here are two examples:

The Friends’ Eagle Squadrons Exhibit

From the outbreak of World War II until after Pearl Harbor, several hundred young Americans went to Canada and Britain to train as pilots for the Royal Air Force. They joined three RAF squadrons and distinguished themselves in aerial combat. This exhibit featured twelve display cases filled with photographs, flight log books, memoirs, books and artifacts from the Eagle Squadrons’ Collection for public display.The exhibit was attended by over 200 supporters of The Friends, Academy cadets, faculty and staff and several former members of the Eagle Squadrons.

The Friends’ History of the Academy Exhibit

The Friends sponsored a major exhibit on the history of the Air Force Academy developed from official Academy archives within the Special Collections Branch. Lt. Gen. Bradley C. Hosmer, the first Academy graduate to become Superintendent opened the exhibit with a presentation on the history of the Academy and the significance of the Academy archives. The Acting Secretary of the Air Force, members of the original staff of the Academy, and members of the Academy’s class of l959 were among the over 200 invited guests who attended the opening.

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